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Professional Curriculum Vitae

Please, have your attorney contact me directly for a current and comprehensive professional Curriculum Vitae.  The CV includes my specific engagements, depositions, and Court testimonies.    

As of December 18, 2023:

91 Career, balanced (Defendant vs Plaintiff ) case load

        57.5% Defendant, 42.5% Plaintiff Engagements.

        44 Sworn testimonies, 14 depositions, 30 trial testimonies in ND and MN county courts, N.D. and M.N. U.S. Federal District Courts as well as U.S. Bankruptcy Courts  

44+ years of professional experience, four advanced professional certifications. 

           2.3 years U. S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Agent.  

           42.2 years public accounting career, including regional and local CPA firms (32.2 years entrepeneurial firm ownership).

           Forensic accounting focused since 2009, two advances forensic certifications.