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Who I Am and What I Do

  • I am an EXPERIENCED financial professional who has worked diligently throughout my life.  I have been shaped and sharpened by a wide variety of personal and professional tax and financially related experiences over the past 39 years.  Rest assured, there was no short-cut to my experience. 
  • I have been fortunate to have acquired EXPERTISE by working with great professionals, valued colleagues, and high-quality legal and financial associates.   Those varied experiences and relationships have allowed me to identify failed policies and beliefs and identify and enhance proven practices and protocols which are so valuable to me in providing high level, value-added solutions for personal and business financial needs.  I have been “there” and I have “done that.”
  • My experience and expertise allows me to provide, and be an advocate for, my independent professional opinions.  I will opine on the matters you need to know, not what you’d like to hear.         
  • I am EMPATHETIC in my approach; I realized early in my career, putting the interests of those that I serve before my interest is a truly privilege they extend to me.   I strive to serve in the same manner I would like to be served, if I were my client.  My personal interests have consistently been furthered and my reputation has been favored by doing so.  It is tiring to serve in this manner but the intrinsic rewards are worth the exhaustion.  No one can build a reputation on what they’re going to do.  A solid reputation can only be built on realized accomplishments.   
  • I am driven by EXCELLENCE and refuse to be a part of mediocrity. If, and when, I realize I cannot be your best advocate, I will never hesitate to refer you to the person I believe will be best-suited to serve as your best advocate.
  • I enjoy and value my ability to leverage WHO I AM to DO What I Do to - problem solve and provide personal and business tax and financially related value-added solutions for you. 


Financial Services

Business & Tax Advisory Services

High-Income, High Net-Worth Individuals and Their Business Entities [limited basis]

Business Valuations

Establishing the proper value of a small business.

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support.

Tax Controversy, Taxpayer Advocacy Services

Tax Controversy, Taxpayer Advocacy Services