Business & Tax Advisory Services

For select, high-income, high-net worth clients,I begin the year by reviewing your last years income tax returns for planning opportunities, such as loss and other carry over items, etc. I will work with you throughout the year to respond to your business and tax related questions and concerns and to review and plan the timing and structuring of your important tax-related transactions. In February the process of receiving and compiling last year’s income tax return data and documents begins. I work with your CPA to consult during the tax return preparation to ensure your CPA has all of the background and information to properly achieve the proper reporting of the income tax planning objections we’ve implemented and to report your annual tax events in a manner that result in the proper payment of the correct tax liability in a manner that is transparent and self-explanatory to the taxing authorities. Be it the timing or structure of a material transaction, I am available and qualified to assist you with your year-round tax planning concerns and questions. The decades of personal entrepreneurial experience, as evidenced by my Chartered Global Management Accountant, qualifies me to render sound, common-sense, general business advice and tax advice and counsel. I’ve “been there” and I’ve “done that” personally; my advice is grounded on experience and not from merely reading it from accounting text books.