Taxpayer Advocacy Services

I am experienced and available to be your most loyal advocate with your very important Internal Revenue Service and state tax matters including: +Correspondence and notices -all inquiries +CP 2000 (income matching) notices +Correspondence audits +Collection +Collection Due Process hearings +Installment Payment Plans +Offer-in-Compromise +Audits +Appeals I can and will represent you, as your Power of Attorney to ensure you are afforded the best respectful outcome possible. When the time comes my past relationships with experienced, qualified tax attorneys, make the referral process seamless. In criminal tax concerns it is not unusual for your attorney to engage me in order to preserve and qualify my work and engagement observations under his attorney-client privilege. YOU HAVE A STATUTORY RIGHT TO REPRESENTATION. Do not allow yourself to sucumb to the temptation to deny and or procrastinate facing your tax controversy issues. Denial and or procrastination compounds your problems and, most times, will compromise my ability to preserve some of the remedies otherwise available to all taxpayers. Unlike most of the national tax representation firms, I am always forthright with my assessment of your situation and I will always be available to meet with you in person to address and assist you with your tax controversies.